Grand Life Pharmacy

Grand Life Pharmacy

Pharmacy facilities are being provided within the hospital premises to serve the needs of patients and is being operated on institutional basis. Medicines are being dispensed on uniform rate and considerable discount is offered to all. It is well equipped with modern computers, other machines for proper storage of medicines which is efficiently managed by a team of professionals. Moreover, to ensure access to and appropriate use of medicines with the ultimate aim of the well-being of the patient, there is well trained and educated pharmacists with appropriate skills. All required and necessary licenses are maintained and regularized time to time.

Useful info and health tips

    Keep it cool, dark and dry

    Medicines should be kept in a cool, dry place and protected from light.

  • Exposure to light, heat and moisture can accelerate the breakdown of medicines, which may reduce their efficacy or cause superficial changes, e.g. discoloration.
  • In a warm and humid country like Singapore, appropriate storage is thus particularly important.

    Keep away from children

  • Poisoning incidents involving children are often attributable to the accidental ingestion.
  • These are usually preventable if medicines are stored appropriately.

Therefore, medicines should always be kept in a locked drawer/cabinet or at higher levels, beyond the reach of children.

Medicine that has changed color, consistency or odor should never be used regardless of expiry.