We at GMCH strive for steady and sustained growth, with optimism and stronger belief in our basic values–ethics, integrity, mutual respect and long term association.

The Mission of Geetanjali Hospital is to make "HOLISTIC PATIENT CARE" for all by delivering quality medical services at affordable rates. Geetanjali Hospital maintains its principles and values by being transparent to the people and by encouraging good medical practices in healthcare system.

Geetanjali Hospital now offers a complete spectrum of advanced quality care under one roof portfolio of treatment under one roof covering all medical and surgical faculties. We continue to invest in technology, and offer effective cutting edge tools that provide quality healthcare at our hospital. Our Management and Development teams add strength that makes us a formidable Healthcare setup in the country.

We invite you to be a part of our social initiative at GMCH and join us in exploring new horizons in search of excellence.

Kapil Agarwal
Vice Chairman