What causes Kidney Stone | Treatment & diet for a kidney stone patient - ‘4 minutes read’

What causes Kidney Stone | Treatment & diet for a kidney stone patient - ‘4 minutes read’

From past few months, I was suffering from extreme pain in my back side, sometimes it is in the belly or side too. Most of the time the pain is intolerable and I spend a large part of the night rolling back and forth on the bed with my eyes opened. I was unaware that I have a stone in kidney till the time I got it diagnosed completely.

What causes Kidney Stone | Treatment & diet for a kidney stone patient - ‘4 minutes read’

"Kidney stone is one of the most painful medical conditions and 1 in every 20 people suffer from kidney stones at some point in their life.”

What is a kidney stone ?

Kidney stones are the result of a buildup of dissolved minerals in the kidneys. They usually consist of calcium oxalate but may be composed of several other compounds also.

Kidney stones, or renal calculi, are strong masses made of precious stones. Kidney stones usually originates in kidneys however, they can develop anywhere along the urinary tract which consists of these parts: kidneys ureters bladder urethra. Kidney stones are one of the most agonizing ailments. The reasons for kidney stones differ as per the size of stone.

6 Signs & Symptoms of Kidney Stone | Do I have a Kidney Stone?

1. Pain in the back, belly, or side: Many people say that the pain from a kidney stone is close to what a woman feels while having a baby, I’m not sure how does a pregnant woman feel while delivery but my pain was very extreme to bear.
The pain starts from kidney and can go in whole stomach area.

2. Pain or burning during urination: The another possible symptom of a kidney stone is getting pain during urination. You should immediately concern to a doctor without delay.

3. Urgent need to go: Needing to go to the washroom more earnestly or every now and again than expected is another sign that the stone has moved into the lower some portion of your urinary tract. You may end up hurrying to the washroom, or expecting to go continually for the duration of the day and night.

4. Blood in the urine: Sometimes the situation can be worse if the pain ignored in the way of getting blood in the urine, which also indicates that a person might have a stone.

5. Nausea and vomiting: This is the most often for people with a kidney stone to have Nausea and vomiting

6. Fever and chills: Fever and chills are signs that you have an infection in your kidney or another part of your urinary tract. This can be a serious complication to a kidney stone. It can also be a sign of other serious problems besides kidney stones.

If you’re frequently suffering from any signs/ symptoms, then you should immediately concern to a doctor without delay. We at Geetanjali Hospital, Udaipur have the best kidney doctors and experts

Food for kidney stone patient | What can I eat in kidney stone

It is always very difficult to live with kidney stone pain and this disease affect daily diet a lot. One has to compromise in food selection.

1. Drink plenty of water in kidney stone: Liquid specially water is extremely helpful for any person but a person with a kidney stone should take this seriously and drink plenty of water daily which will help to dilute the chemicals form stones. It is suggested to drink at least 12 glasses of water a day

2. Limit Salt: High sodium levels in the body, can promote calcium buildup in urine. So you should limit adding salt to your food, it’s one of the biggest compromises in terms of food for many people but the best practice.

3. Lower your animal protein intake: A kidney stone patient should avoid eating red meat, pork, chicken, poultry, fish, and eggs which increase the amount of uric acid you produce.

Tips for a kidney stone diet

  • ● Drink 12 - 15 glasses of water every day
  • ● Drink citrus juices, for example, squeezed orange
  • ● Eat a calcium-rich nourishment at every dinner, at least 3 times each day
  • ● Eat less salt, including sugar, and items containing high fructose corn syrup
  • ● Keep away from nourishments and savors high oxalates and phosphates
  • ● Abstain from eating or drinking anything which gets dried out you, for example, liquor.

Stone Treatment in Udaipur

Geetanjali Hospital, Udaipur is one of the biggest super multispeciality hospitals that offers all kind of kidney diseases treatment with its team of the most experienced and skilled experts and doctors.

You may consult with our experts Dr. Gulshan Kumar and / or Dr. Suraj Kumar Gupta for any kidney related problem

Dr. Gulshan Kumar Mukhiya is a Senior Consultant - Nephrologist with more than 18 years of experience. His area of expertise is the management of Complex Kidney Disorders and areas of special interests are Kidney Failure Nephrotic Syndrome SLEED CRRT Kidney transplantation Hemo-dialysis Dialysis Fistula Angiography Venous Mapping Dialysis Catheter Placements (both temporary & permanent) Kidney Biopsies

Dr. Suraj Kumar Gupta is a Senior Consultant - Nephrologist with more than 6 years of experience in Geetanjali Hospital, Udaipur. His area of expertise is the management of complex kidney disorders and areas of special interests are Kidney Transplant, ICU Dialysis including SLED, Diabetic Nephropathy, Kidney Biopsy, CAPD, Peritoneal Dialysis, Hemo-Dialysis, Pediatric Nephrology, Nephrotic Syndrome / Glomerular Diseases.

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