2020 Calendar


  • In Oncolgy, surgical team is available according to the needs of every patient with many latest appliances.
  • Latest technologies for diagnosis and types of cancer.
  • Trained nurses are present for rampant chemotherapy and invariable anemia patients.
  • Trained nurses, higher doctor authorities, basic facilities, high risky operative procedures are available for ICU.
  • Good surgical ICU facilities as backbone.
  • Capable pathology department as backbone.
  • Cancer related investigations and diagnosing cancer at its early stage is done.
  • All type of treatment based on latest protocol.
  • Surgical treatment for organ preservation for various types of cancer (jaw, voicebox in neck, chest cancer, gura walls cancer in rectum and kidney, bone cancer)
  • Chemotherapy for all kinds of malignant cancer.
  • Re creation surgical treatment and implantation of artificial organs at the place of damaged place like jaw, chest and other parts.
  • Efficient and trained nursing staff for patient's care.
  • Efficient and special trained nursing staff for treatment of disease.
  • Efficient and pecial trained intensivist for treatment of disease.
  • Physiotherapy and functional rehabHition.
  • Treatment education for doctors.