Congenital Heart Diseases successfully repaired at Geetanjali Hospital

Wednesday 26th July, Their first child, age of three days, severe breathlessness, and congenital heart disease (coarctation) leading to renal failure contemplated the couple to rush to a hospital in no time. With no relief in treatment they were referred to Geetanjali Medical College & Hospital, Udaipur where Cardiac Thoracic & Vascular Surgeon Dr. Sanjay Gandhi had performed a successful ASD, VSD & PDA saving the child. The team included Cardiologist Dr. Ramesh Patel, Cardiac Anesthetists Dr. Ankur Gandhi, Dr. Kalpesh Mistry, Dr. Manmohan Jindal & Dr. Dharamchand, Pediatrician Dr. Devendra Sareen, Neonatologist Dr. Mahendra Jain, Nephrologists Dr. Gulshan Mukhiya & NICU staff.

It was being told by Dr. Jain that on day 3 of child’s birth, he was suffering from severe breathlessness which required immediate medications. On undergoing investigations of Echo-Cardiography by Dr. Patel it was found that along with ASD, VSD & PDA; the main artery from heart was getting narrowed on its end which could be repaired by surgical operation only. To have a clear picture of the same the radiologists Dr. Hari Ram & Dr. Ravindra Kundu performed a CT Angiography stating a clear image of the narrowing of the artery.

Weight of mere 3 kgs, renal failure due to increase of creatinine, congenital heart disease, first child of couple and lemon shaped heart were the complications being faced, said Dr. Sanjay Gandhi, the cardiac surgeon. To descend the mortality in such procedures of heart the kidneys need to work properly which was a menace in this case. During anesthesia in operation theatre, the blood pressure of lower & upper body appeared same compelling to create a dilemma of which procedure to be performed first. The three included congenital heart disease (coarctation), renal failure which required dialysis or repair of VSD, ASD & PDA. On further medical conditions it was decided to repair the ASD, VSD & PDA. The surgery lasted 5 hours. Under the guidance & treatment from Dr. Mahendra Jain & Cardiac Intensivist the baby was removed from ventilator resulting in better conditions.

Later, was treated by Dr. Mukhiya for renal failure. He had performed peritoneal dialysis which helped the baby to recover well. On further under complete medications in NICU the baby was discharged healthy. Probably within a span of 2-3 months the baby will be operated for the artery narrowing at the end.

Why this operation was complex?

Weight of mere 3 kgs, renal failure due to increase of creatinine, congenital heart disease, first child of couple, severe breathlessness and lemon shaped heart complications have made this operation very complex as the mortality rates were very high.

Is there any other treatment or options available for such conditions?

Dr. Gandhi said that the small holes of heart can be treated with the help of medicines or devices. But most of the holes of heart in young children require cardiac surgery.