Aortic Aneurysm Repaired Successfully

Geetanjali Medical College & Hospital Udaipur (Raj.) Cardiac Centre’s Cardiac Thoracic & Vascular Surgeon Dr. Sanjay Gandhi successfully operated a 42 years old man suffering from a very rare and complex disease named “Thoraco Abdominal Aortic Replacement”. The operation was performed by a team of cardiac surgeons and anesthetists including Dr. Reenus Demel, Dr. Ankur Gandhi, Dr. Kalpesh Mistry, Dr. Manmohan Jindal and Dr. Dharamchand. Dr. Sanjay Gandhi said that Khamnor resident Prem Singh (Age 42 years) was suffering from breathlessness, problems in walking & sitting, nausea and hypertension from last four years. On initial evaluation at a private hospital in Ahmedabad he was being told that operations of such rare diseases are performed at Delhi only. A sigh of relief from medications turned out wrong as of severe backache from last month which in turn came out as a decision of undergoing operation. Since Geetanjali Hospital has performed such successful operations before he visited once for consultation. On evaluation by CT Angiography he was found to have one of the most complex and rare type of aneurysm involving both thoracic and abdominal aorta. Since the size of aneurysm was very big and it could rupture anytime so the patient required immediate surgery. The aorta usually measures 2-2.5 cms but in this patient it was around 12 centimeters. The risks, consequences and complexity involved in the surgery were told to patient’s relatives because of which they were ready for the surgery. The patient was operated using Heart-Lung Bypass Machine and CSF Drainage using single lung ventilation which took 10 hours. In the surgery the main vessel of the body; i.e. aorta was replace from high in the chest to abdomen in the bottom making an incision of more than 70 centimeters. The branches coming out of aorta were implanted using polyster fibre conduit connecting all the organs from chest to abdomen. The patient was shifted to intensive care unit where he recovered very well. It has been claimed to be the first successful surgery in Rajasthan at GMCH.

Why this operation was complex??

Dr. Gandhi, who has performed more than 11 aneurysms operations (In Udaipur), said that in this case the operation was more complex because of the incision involving opening of upper body which could lead to excessive blood loss. Also, chances of paralysis of lower body were more propounded and it could also lead to kidney failure. Since the situation was very critical it gave doctors a time span of not more than 30 minutes to implant the aorta and branches because it involves stoppage of blood circulation. Out of every 10,000 persons suffering from hypertension and smoking addictions one is suppose to suffer from this rare disease. He also advised that no pain should be avoided, timely consultation and blood pressure monitoring and medicines are compulsory. This patient was suffering from these two symptoms which made the disease complex.