About Us

Message from CEO's Desk

Geetanjali Hospital introduced quality healthcare to Udaipur and its nearby regions, at a cost which is a tenth of comparable costs in the South-Western Rajasthan.

In an on-going effort to raise awareness about the value of health and wellness amongst Rajasthan’s diverse population, and in enabling healthcare equity across the various socio-economic groups in Rajasthan, Geetanjali Hospital runs awareness campaigns, facilitates surgeries and treatments, and conducts health camps in both urban and rural areas on a regular basis.

Geetanjali Hospital team strongly believes to fulfill the motto of “Health is Happiness”; and is committed to provide high quality services to the suffering patients.

Our focus now is to challenge the status quo; working proactively with our patients to provide the best care and treatment to assure ‘sustainable’ long term relationships.

I think you will get a sense of our passion, expertise, reliability, and affirmative nature as you browse through this website.

Furthermore, we are committed to achieve patient’s satisfaction through latest and innovative technology and excellence, which will give us a strong competitive edge in the market and help us, take our next great leap forward.

Geetanjali Hospital’s staff members impose no limits to our aspirations and possess true tenacity and drive, and therefore have the capability to utilize every available means to achieve our goals. Based on our people-oriented management philosophy, GMCH strives to become a “caring group of powerful people,” who will lead the way to a brighter future for our hospital.

For a hospital with over 9 years of history, we also believe that it is our obligation to set good examples for others to follow and thereby have faithfully fulfilled our patient’s satisfaction and providing them with the best possible treatment and care at affordable costs.

I thank to the society for the confidence and trust shown in Geetanjali Hospital. Unified by our shared Vision and Values helps attract and it better serves and meets the needs of our patients. That is a commitment we solemnly pledge to all of you.

Thank you.

Dr. Kishor Pujari